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Regardless of the day and night of the high-definition screen with a unique sense of design, coupled with excellent seismic resistance and high and low temperature resistance to create this unique Macaron.


A dashboard that understands light changes

The white characters on the black background do not reflect in the daytime, and the white characters on the blue background do not dazzle in the evening, showing more clearly.



Have beauty value, have strength.

High low temperature

-25C~+60°C normal operation.

Full earthquake resistance

Not afraid of steep.

EMC national standard test

EMC national standard test.

ISO9000 certification

Meet the standards of China's electric vehicle industry.

Patent design

Have many patent designs.

Parameter configuration
Product Name Macaron
Product Number YC-102
Size 95*81*28mm
LCD HTN screen
Operating Voltage 60V meter (45V~72V), 72V meter (58V~84V)
Operating temperature -25C~+60°C
Speedometer Receive the number of 500ms motor Hall pulses sent by the controller for calculation;
Low battery warning light When the battery voltage is ≤55V±0.5V, it will display yellow;
Left and right indicator light control Negative control lights up;
High beam indicator control Negative control lights up;
READY indicator control Displayed when there is no fault alarm and no speed, green.
Odometer The mileage is stored every 0.1km-once, the maximum accumulated mileage is 100000km
Maximum subtotal mileage 999. 9km
Electricity meter ① When the power supply voltage is greater than or equal to 59.7V ± 0.5V, the 5-segment power standard is all on;
②When the power supply voltage is less than 52.5V±0.5V, the 5-segment power standard is all off;
③The response time between adjacent standard grids of the electricity meter is 2 seconds ± 1 second;

Structural details

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